0.9.0 (svn tag: spring-beandoc-0.9.0) 29/Oct/08

  • Czech language translations 1826616
  • made SpringLoader / SpringLoaderCommand public (for maven2 plugin) 1826688
  • removed pervasive file system dependency for more flexible API and easier unit testing. ResultFactory is used by Transformers now, one of which can specify a StreamResult to a file location as required. 1827150
  • added support for Spring 2.x scopes. Beans with non-singleton scope are now decorated with an icon denoting their scope in both the graphs and the HTML 1825468
  • added support for ZGR Applet viewer. Multi-functional viewer can now be added to the main page for the consolidated graph with a couple of options in beandoc.properties. 1828603
  • patched NPE (thanks to Felix Gnass) 1008704
  • fixed fault with windows batch file runner, thanks to Gregor Rosenauer

0.8.1 (svn tag: spring-beandoc-0.8.1) 6/Nov/07

  • fix to the HTML output (incorrectly applied patch in 0.8) which prevented properties and dependencies being output

0.8.0 (svn tag: spring-beandoc-0.8) 4/Nov/07

  • support for Spring 2.0 namespaces
  • misc bug fixing
  • fixed issue with image map links being incorrect in graphs of context files that were in sub-directories of the root input directory (thanks to ziller in the forums)

0.7.1 (cvs tag: RELEASE_0_7_1) 9/Sep/06

  • added support for depends-on attribute (thanks to awallgren)
  • added language translations for Catalan, Dutch and Russian (thanks to the respective translators)
  • bug fix for tests running on Windows (Martin Ahrer)
  • bug fix in maven support (Martin Ahrer)

0.7.0 (cvs tag: RELEASE_0_7_0) 25/Oct/2005

  • fixed an issue with using an output directory containing spaces in the absolute path. Output locations should now work with whitespace in the name.
  • added the ability to read and recurse resources imported via the import/ tag. Will recurse imports to no maximum depth (a file importing itself will result in a stack overflow)
  • removed some old classes that somehow made their way down from the CVS attic and into 0.6.3
  • modified the Ant task to accept nested fileset/ elements as input files and deprecated the inputFiles attribute. Updated samples and docs. For example..
      <fileset dir="${conf.dir}">
        <include name="**/*Context.xml"/>
        <include name="**/*-servlet.xml"/>

    Ant usage should feel a lot more natural now.

  • changed default bean styles in graphs to ellipse shape with 9pt 'sans' font
  • merged proxies now show the name of the bean they are proxying: !mergedproxy.png!
  • beans on graphs now show classname as tooltip where available
  • Fixed samples build file so that logging works correctly. Adjust the log4j.properties file in the samples base directory if you wish to use log4j.
  • Added i18n for HTML output. The few static labels can now be translated into various languages with the System default being the preferred language. System default can be overridden in beandoc.properties like so:

Initial language support includes French (by Omar Irbouh), Spanish (by Dani Pardo) and German (by Ralph Pöllath).

0.6.3 (cvs tag: RELEASE_0_6_3) 07/Oct/2005

  • fixed regression bug introduced in 0.6.2 causing failure on Windows machines due to incorrect use of File.separator in a RegEx. * replaced spring-core and spring-beans with versions compiled for target=1.3

0.6.2 (cvs tag: RELEASE_0_6_2) 04/Oct/2005

  • removed some (but still not all) of the need for different classes to know about filename strategies. Some hardcoding removed.
  • made work with input files in subdirectories - all output is now relative to the path that forms the first common root for all input files. In particular, input files with the same name in different sub-directories are now managed correctly
  • fixed another NPE that could occur in rare cases using Proxy merging where target bean has no class.
  • amended XSL templates to handle all new Spring 1.2 convenience attributes and additional Map.Entry.Key tags. The following XML is now supported for example:
    <property name="foo" ref="bar"/>
    <property name="size" value="30"/>
    <property name="testMap">
        <entry key="norm2"><value>val-elem</value></entry>
        <entry key="norm3"><ref local="myBean"/></entry>
        <entry key="norm4" value-ref="myBean"/>
        <entry key="norm5" value="norm-val"/>
        <entry><key><value>key-elem</value></key><ref local="myBean"/></entry>
        <entry key-ref="myBean" value="norm-val"/>
        <entry key-ref="myBean" value-ref="myBean"/>
  • amended Ant task to include spring-beandoc.jar in its own classpath by default.
  • several minor improvements and fixes to other aspects of XSL templates.

0.6.1 (cvs tag: RELEASE_0_6_1) 29/Mar/2005

  • amended XSLT to better handle description tags inside property and constructor-arg tags
  • fixed a bug that could cause an unchecked NPE to be thrown if merging proxies (depending on the order of bean definitions in the context file).
  • switched release file generation to use .tgz after complaints regarding validity of the .zip file created by Ant. WinZip can handle .tgz files too.

0.6 (cvs tag: BETA_0_6) 04/Mar/2005

  • GraphVizDecorator now works for setLabelLocation when set in beandoc.properties (bug fix)
  • reduced warnings logged by pattern matcher when encountering sparsely populated lists of patterns
  • numerous minor code improvements in parameter checking and safety
  • increased test coverage from appx. 50% to 85%

0.5 (cvs tag: BETA_0_5) 01/Mar/2005

  • Graph lookup-method tags as dependencies the same as ref tags are
  • link to target bean for depends-on attribute of bean/ tag
  • Permit merging beans according to entries in beandoc.properties - designed for proxies and their targets. For example, the following entry;
  • use a regex Map key to specify the proxy beans and
  • a value that is the target property (ie 'target')

    processor.mergeProxies[.*Proxy$]=target would cause the two beans below to be merged in the output;

    <bean id="myProxy" class="...">
      <property name="target"><ref local="myTarget"/></property>
    <bean id="myTarget" class="..."/>
  • several bugfixes and test suite
  • several improvements to logging and filtering of DOM traversal
  • updated spring-core.jar to 1.1.5

0.4 (cvs tag: BETA_0_4) 31/Jan/2005

  • Permit 'Title' to be specified on command-line / Ant task. This removes a hard dependency on beandoc.properties which was previously the only place that a title could be specified. The beandoc.properties file can now realistically be used across multiple projects without modification, or left out completely if desired. An example of command line usage;
    java org.springframework.beandoc.client.BeanDocClient \
        --properties /path/to/beandoc.properties \
        --title "My Project Name"
  • Improved default styles (CSS). CSS file names have now been modified to "default.css" and "wheat.css". If no CSS override is specified in beandoc.properties, "default.css" - a dark blue javadoc-ish look - will be used. See the [JPetStore sample|http://springframework.sourceforge.net/beandoc/jpetstore/] for an example of default output and the [PetClinic sample|http://springframework.sourceforge.net/beandoc/petclinic/] for an example of the 'wheat' colour scheme.
  • Fixed minor errors in some XSL and improved layout of inner beans.
  • Updated spring-core from the 1.1.4-dev snapshot to the released 1.1.4 version. Now that Spring 1.1.4 has finally (thanks SourceForge\!) been released we can include this official version and are happy to call this the first BETA release of BeanDoc.

0.3 (cvs tag: ALPHA_0_3)

  • Amended the way in which command line parameters are interpreted by the BeanDocClient class. This is a *non backward compatible change*
    java org.springframework.beandoc.client.BeanDocClient \
        --properties /path/to/beandoc.properties \
        --output /path/to/output/dir \
        inputFile1.xml inputFile2.xml
  • Can now specify an option to prevent graphs appearing in the HTML docs. Useful if GraphViz is not installed or has not been configured or if you are producing graph types that can't be viewed as images in HTML.
  • don't link to graph files in the html docs

in beandoc.properties

  • Added project.xml to enable Maven builds. There is additionally a Maven plugin that enables BeanDoc to be used as a Maven report. See [Michael Schuerig's page|http://www.schuerig.de/michael/java/maven-beandoc-plugin/index.html] for Maven updates. Thanks to Michael for the assistance.
  • Tested and fixed code running under Tiger (JDK

0.2 (cvs tag: ALPHA_0_2)

  • renamed several bean instances in beandoc.xml and many field names (plus corresponding accessors/mutators) in class definitions. Principally to make beandoc.properties less verbose and more consistent. For example;
  • old definition.. javaDocDecorator.javaDocLocations[com.foo.bar]=http://your.server/api/
  • new version.. javadoc.locations[com.foo.bar]=http://your.server/api/ See the sample beandoc.properties in the samples folder for all name changes.
  • implemented ability to ignore beans on graphs. graphs.ignoreBeans[0]=some.*RegexPat*ern graphs.ignoreBeans[1]=com\.foo\.bar.*

    Patterns of bean names or class names can now be added to beandoc.properties which will cause all matching beans to be left off the graphs. All beans are still documented in HTML by default.

  • implemented ability to rank beans on graphs.

    graphs.rankBeans[0]=some.*RegexPat*ern graphs.rankBeans[1]=com\.foo\.bar.*

    Patterns of bean names or class names can be used to force all matching beans onto the same rank (row) of the graph. Useful for unlinked beans that you don't want to ignore to prevent them being orphaned at the tops of graphs.

  • changed all pattern matching codes to Regex patterns from simple wildcarded patterns (EXCEPT JavaDoc href codes which still use package prefix codes only). Affects bean colours, ignored beans, ranked beans.

0.1 (cvs tag: ALPHA_0_1)

base version, first tagged revision.