Quick Start

Download either a source or a binary distribution of BeanDoc and extract it to disk. cd to the samples directory.

From here, you should be able to build the sample projects in one of two ways. First, try invoking ant (if you already have ant installed and it's on your path).

> ant

This should kick off an ant build using the build.xml file in the samples directory. JPetStore docs should be available after a few seconds in the output/jpetstore directory. Check out the index.html file in there with your favourite browser (which should be anything other than MSIE!)

Next, try the command line interface (*nix)..

$ cd ..
$ chmod +x ./bin/run.sh
$ ./bin/run.sh samples/petclinic-beandoc.properties

..or windows..

> cd ..
> ..\bin\run petclinic-beandoc.properties

This time, you should get output for another Spring sample project in output/petclinic. Browse the files again and note the differences.

Now you should be able to start amending the way the tool works by playing with the relevant config files in the samples directory and seeing how the output is affected. An annotated sample properties file called template-beandoc.properties can also be found in the samples directory which gives you a bit more information about what can be configured.